Our Services



Agie takes care of painting both the interior and exterior of your home, we use power wash as a way to remove old paint in order to replace it. When we finish the work we also offer wood finishes to suit the client.


Your cleanliness is our priority. Agie takes care of cleaning your home using the best products and the most capable people for this job, we ensure quality and experience.


Our professionals are able to take care of the repair and replacement of your smooth or textured walls and ceiling.

Power Washing

Our team has the expertise to provide comprehensive pressure washing and cleaning services to your property using the safest and most effective methods.


We take care of installing your carpet in the size that you prefer, we are fast and efficient. We have experts who will take care of your orders.


We have experts who are in charge of installing the floor that you prefer, we do our work in an orderly and efficient manner


Agie is company that can assist you with everything from baseboards to door and window trims.


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